The Tasmanian Whisky and Spirits Association (formerly the Tasmanian Whisky Producers’ Association – TWPA)was formed on the 21st of May 2007. It was (Lark Distillery) founder Bill Lark who in 1992 resurrected the Tasmanian distillery industry after it had been dormant since the early 1800s. In early 2007 Patrick Maguire (Tasmania Distillery) and Bill Lark recognised the need for an industry body to support and promote the strength of the now recognised, Tasmanian whisky brand.

Today we recognise the importance of the growing distilling industry in Tasmania and the increasing success of Tasmanian whiskies, gins, vodka and other spirits nationally and internationally. Together with the support of our State Government the new industry is shaping up to have a bright future, with exports and local Australian markets increasing steadily.

Cameron (Cam) Brett
TWSA President

After completing his degree in Applied Science in Natural Resource Management at the University of Canberra, Cameron moved to Hobart in 1989 to complete his honours degree in Antarctic Tourism at the Institute of Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania.

Over the past 20 years Cameron has held senior positions in the Tasmanian tourism industry including with the government and private sector, including as owner of TasVacations an award-winning private travel company and founder an owner of Sullivans Cove Apartments a luxury accommodation brand around Hobarts waterfront.

Cameron and his wife Suzanne founded Tasmania’s Spring Bay Distillery in 2015 after many years of dreaming and planning and continue to work as operators and distillers. Being able to work in such a pristine environment as Tasmania’s east coast and having won awards for both their gin and single malt whisky have been highlights.

Cameron has also worked with many community and business organisations over the years such as a board member of Festival of Voices, IHOS Opera and a member of the Management Committee of the Henry Jones IXL Complex and the Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania.

With his wife Suzanne and two young sons Henry & George, Cameron lives and works in Hobart and on Tasmania’s East Coast.

Hon. Stephen Parry
TWSA Vice President

Stephen Parry has had rich life experiences in three distinct vocational lives; as a Police Officer (and Detective), Funeral Director (and Embalmer) and Senator. He has literally covered two of life’s certainties – death and taxes. Stephen is now back in the private sector jointly owning a Distillery and Civil Works Excavation operation – very much hands on in both!

Stephen brings to our Association experience at the top echelons of Association involvement. He has been a National and State President of the AFDA (Australian Funeral Directors Association), a Director of the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as holding community organisation senior roles; across Rotary, Surf Lifesaving and Chambers of Commerce. The most significant role for Stephen was that as the 24th President of the Australian Senate, being responsible for the management and control of the most senior debating chamber in this country and representing our Federal Parliament on the National and International stage.

Stephen brings to us a unique and valuable aspect from his parliamentary experience in representation at Local, State, National and International Government levels as well as having financial management acumen and committee experience over a plethora of entities and subject areas.

Rizk Mawass
TWSA Secretary

Rizk Mawass is the General Manager at Shene Distillery and Callington Mill Distillery.

Before starting my journey in Tasmanian Whisky more than 3 years ago, I have worked in Hospitality for almost 10 years and was the General Manager of a well-regarded Asian restaurant which is where I first met John Ibrahim.

In my previous role as Judicial Assistant in the Lebanese Ministry of Justice, I was responsible to setup data base for the prison administration for the whole country. After successful career in life coaching and becoming Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and having a master of Neurolinguistics Programming NFNLP from U.S.A, I’ve worked with the United Nations to execute coaching and self-development workshops for the ministry of Justice.

In my role at Callington Mill and Shene I am responsible for all aspects of the business including a working cooperage, the commissioning of a new 500,000 litre distillery, all commercial aspects, and most importantly people and culture. I believe I can share a great deal of my learnings as a member of the TWSA committee.

I hold a Master of Business Administration specialized in Marketing from the University of Tasmania with Distinction. And a bachelor’s degree in computer communication and Engineering.

I love Music, mainly Guitar and hold a diploma in percussion.

I am very excited about the Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky and very proud to be part of the Journey to make, enjoy and share a Golden Dram.

Chris Condon
TWSA Treasurer

Chris is a co-owner and distiller at Launceston Distillery.

His career includes 15 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, together with 12 years in the brewing and distilling industries. Chris got his start in Tasmanian whisky as the inaugural distiller at Nant Distillery. He is proud to have worked for some renowned Tasmanian companies; at J. Boag and Son as a Brewing Team Supervisor, and Tasmanian Alkaloids in a variety of roles within Quality Control. This experience in manufacturing was invaluable when establishing Launceston Distillery.

Born and raised in Launceston, Chris holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree, a post-graduate brewing qualification and the IBD’s certificate in distilling.

Chris has a keen interest in sport and has been an active member of a number of sporting clubs and committees.

Chris is honoured to be a TWSA committee member, and strongly believes in its charter to protect and promote Tasmania’s distillers.

Damian Mackey
Committee Member

Damian and Madeleine have been involved in the Tasmanian distilling industry since establishing Mackey’s Distillery in 2006. Damian’s childhood was dominated by the family hotel in Latrobe in the State’s North West. He gained a surveying degree and started his professional life as a land surveyor in the early 1990s. In that capacity, he found himself working for Bill and Lyn Lark, just after they had established the first (legal) Tasmanian distillery since the demise of the industry in the 1830s. In 2007, Damian laid down his first whisky cask and since then, distilling has been his mainstay.

In 2015, Mackey’s Distillery merged with Shene Estate to form Shene Distillery, which continues to produce Mackey Whisky today, along with Poltergeist Gin which Damian also created. Damian spent around four years as head distiller at Shene and then worked as Callington Mill’s first head distiller at its prototype distillery.

Damian and Madeleine established New Town Distillery in 2020 and are laying down the first barrels of Tasmanian Pot Still Whisky. Like Mackey Whisky, this is triple distilled, but instead of 100% malt the mash bill also contains unmalted barley and oats.

Damian’s smooth triple distilled whisky and earthy gin have earned international recognition. He derives genuine satisfaction from working in this special Tasmanian industry which is so full of promise and passion, and in the amazing collegiate atmosphere established by the Larks. In becoming a member of the TWSA executive committee, Damian hopes to give something back to the industry that has given him so much.

Jason Whalley
Committee Member

Jason Whalley is Head of Marketing at Lark distilling Co.
After graduating from Loughborough University (England) with a degree in Human Science & Ergonomic Design, Jase moved to New Zealand where he spent 7 years building a multi venue Hospitality and Tourism business in Queenstown and Auckland. In 2016 Jase moved to Hobart for a short time before joining Pernod Ricard in Sydney to work on Jacobs Creek, and the international premium wine portfolio. Leading a diverse team and championing an entrepreneur mindset in this creative marketing role he gained experience managing strategic projects, analysing consumer trends, and building value enhancing brands. Back to the UK in 2018, Jase worked as Global Marketing Manager on Beefeater Gin, #4 International Gin brand. This leadership role set the strategy for the brand and was responsible for product development and profitability across Europe, USA, and Brazil. Identified to lead change management programmes in the business, Jase was a key mentor in driving culture and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.
Now back in Hobart almost a year, Jase is committed to developing and promoting Tasmanian Whisky, both at a total category level, but also at a people, place, and community level. Vibrancy and economic growth of Tasmanian Whisky will only come with unity, vision, and a barrel load of passion. Outside of work Jase enjoy running hilly Hobart, and recently dragged himself up Pont to Pinnacle. Now renovating their 1880s workers cottage in North Hobart, Jason and his Australian partner are settled into the paradise of Nipaluna, enjoying building a home at the bottom of the world.